Product of the week: Comfortchew 05/10

This weeks product of the week is based on Baby T’s new found love for sucking her fingers, my fingers and anything she sees fit to suck.

Now I know sucking fingers is natural for babies. But as they are still very little and just working out how to function their hands I find that T sucks for a bit and either pokes her gums or makes herself gag.

Which is so uncomfortable for me to watch even though she enjoys exploring with her fingers in her mouth.

I searched far and wide for a few things to help aid this new sucking Sally behaviour. I needed something visually stimulating, easy to clean, practical to carry around with us and actually does the job.

So I stumbled across a brand called ‘Cheeky chompers’ made in the UK and they sell a range of products. Neckerchew, Comfortchew, Cheeky blankets and the Teething Hippo.

They products focus on keeping the babies/toddlers sucking at bay with something they can suck on as well as it being practical and stimulating for him/her.

I decided to get T the ‘Chew pack’ which consisted of a ‘neckerchew’ and a ‘comfortchew’.
I chose the Anna Floral ‘Joules’ design as it was classic but girly enough for T.

Product breakdown:

– different to your usual conventional comforter with a teddybear (or some other stuffed animal) at the end it had a teething aid which is soft enough for babies/toddlers itching gums. The grooves and bumps also has a nice texture for bubs mouth
– it has stimulating ribbon tags which T enjoys pulling and sucking on also

– my personal favourite feature is the elasticated link for attaching to the baby’s wrist, cot, car seat, buggy or dummy

– the texture of the comfortchew is super soft for bubs face and hands and still has that dripping catching element

We are trying to implement it slowly into our daily routine. T is slowly getting used to using it (hoping to ditch her love for plain muslin squares), it keeps her busy during car journeys and she loves exploring with the different ribbons.

If you want to check it out for yourself:

– Mrs B

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