Product of the week: Oral care 12/10

So this weeks product of the week is actually three different product reviews rolled in one.

Now I don’t know about you all but oral care is really important for babies; as this sets them up for the future when their teeth do come in. Also I am very ocd about keeping baby T’s tongue clean. I mean they forget to tell us in all those antenatal classes that if baby’s tongue gets thick and caked with milk it could lead to thrush. So I’ve been trying to stay ontop of keeping T’s tongue clean.

Baby’s are still very young for using toothbrushes so I stumbled across a few products to try.

MAM oral care rabbit 

This product jumped out at me because of the colour and the animation factor. It does come in a blue colour for boys, I loved the the bunny aspect as my daughter is obsessed with bunnys.

At first glance the oral care rabbit is easily slotted onto the index and third finger and the character animation distracts the little one.

The texture it is made from is soft against baby’s tongue and gum but also cleans well.

Cannot be used with paste as it would be difficult to clean off.

I found it difficult to clean and it took ages to dry due to the fabric. So it’s not something I could used more than once every other day.
Of the 3 products this was my least favourite.

Brush baby Dentalwipes

I loved the idea of this product because it was specifically created for babies oral care.
It is a single use product so it’s a product that you constantly have to buy.
Each wipe is individually wrapped so it’s easy to just pop in your baby bag on the go.
The wipe slips on finger easily and there is no risk of slipping off etc.
As it quite thin and slimlined easy to fit into baby’s mouth and it also has a banana flavour so it’s not to icky for bubs.

Mothercare Finger toothbrush 

This I would say out of the 3 products this was the best. 

It is finger brush that can be resued over and over again.

It contains a two textured side so you can chose which side to use for baby. 

It cleans really well and is not harsh on baby’s gum or tongue.
It slips on the finger easily and is secure fitting due to the material.

It’s is very easy to clean and comes with a nice little case so it’s easy to just pop in your baby bag on the go.

Cannot be used with toothpaste so it’s a start up finger brush for babies gums and tongue.

Hope my review on these oral care products helped you if you were considering baby brushes 

– Mrs B

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