Product of the week: Baby Snug 25/10

This weeks product of the week is:

Mamas and Papas Baby SnugWe were very excited to have found this baby seat because as baby Taliyah hit the 3 months milestone she was getting the urge to sit up more.

I researched a lot of baby seats and the age for almost all of them was 4months +. This was frustrating as we had a quick mover on our hand and she was getting very frustrated not being able to sit up more upright with assistance. I found a lot of ‘Bumbo’ seats but they were all suitable from 4months. Although they seemed very popular online just from the images I could tell they would not be suitable for baby t.

Then one magical evening I stumbled across this ‘baby snug’ by Mamas and Papas. What caught my eye about this seat was firstly the colour options were amazing. We opted for ‘putt’ which was a beigey type grey brown which fitted well with our nursery.Another feature of the chair that I loved was that when I read the product spec it has a removable soft insert. This was perfect, it would grow with Taliyah and was soft enough for her growing body.I ordered the baby snug and received it 2/3 days later which was perfect delivery time and it was packaged amazing and easy to assemble.

Product breakdown:

– suitable from 3months which is exactly what we needed.

– removable soft insert so it is super comfortable for baby’s delicate body, and it ensures that your baby can use up to 12 months as it is removable.

– removable tray table so this seat can be used as a feeding chair also which is great. The tray is also the perfect size to put toys on for bubba to play with.

– sufficient leg room for little chunky legs and the ergonomic shape of the chair helps with baby seating position for their oh so delicate spines.

– comes in over 4 colour ways all mixed with white so it’s suitable for an array of nursery decor.

– the material of the baby snug is sturdy but does not weigh a lot so it’s lightweight to travel with easily, also very easy to wipe clean.

Taliyah loves her baby snug and turns 4 months old today and has already got a months use of this amazing supportive seat. A baby seat is a must have for every growing baby, just always make sure to do your research and get one that meets the needs of your beautiful little one. For more details about this amazing product head over to our product page.

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– Mrs B

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