Nov 2nd

Last Saturday myself and Taliyah went to our first mother and baby event organised by @mummys_day_out.

Photography credit: MellzPhotographyLTD 
The event was in the style of a proper English afternoon tea (hence baby ts plaid skirt and cardi). The event took place in the Holiday Inn hotel in Stratford. It was easily accessible via car or TfL. Once we reached the venue we were directed by the polite and helpful staff to the conference room.

Upon arrival we were great by the host of the event (a lovely young lady called Rachel) directed to the buggy park and registered. On the day there was an incentive for the first 10 mothers to arrive early. We got to pick a choice of item from the company Cutenesity.  They provide handmade kids hair bows and bow ties. 

Baby t decided that we would go for the Christmas style one as the festive period is approaching. We love the quality of the hair bow and the bright colours are beautiful, neatly packaged in a white bag which can be used for accessory storage. 

The event began with us being welcomed by the host after about a 30 minute mixer with the other mothers (just saying hi to each other and showing off our beautiful children). We received a talk from a first time mom-entrepreneur who created the company Boo.bsmoothie. The brand is very pro breastfeeding and as a result based on personal experience she created powdered smoothies to help with breastfeeding supply. We were lucky to receive a nice sample in our gift bags.

The smoothies come in 3 flavour options; real chocolate, peanut butter & banana and real strawberry. I have ordered myself a box of real strawberry and cannot wait to mix with my oat milk blend and enjoy. I have read a lot of amazing testimonies about these smoothies. And I’m excited as I am always looking for natural organic options to help milk supply.

As it was a real British afternoon tea we were served with lovely scones, cakes and sandwiches (I definitely made this my non carb cheat day).

We received a few more talks and one of them I was super excited about as I daily use their products for my daughters hair. Afrocenchix a U.K. hand crafted natural Afro hair products. Little did I know the whole time at the tea party I was sat right next to one of the creators. We both have daughters of the same age, and she was complimenting baby ts hair and I casually mentioned using afrocenchix turns out she created it. 

We were fortunate enough to receive a travel sized moisturiser oil in our gift bag. I cannot not talk about how amazing all their products are and how beautiful they smell. We have been using the shampoo on baby ts hair since her first shampoo and I would highly recommend their products to new mothers with children with Afro hair.

The last talk of the event was by a super successful multi-award winning entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah who gave us a brief talk with words of encouragement and positivity. I was lucky enough to be on of the seven moms to receive her book 44 ways to grow your business or brand.

I will definitely be reading and getting all the tips and advice from this book to aid with my business ventures. 

The event was overall amazing, lovely environment and it was great to meet so many other mothers who I could identify with. The event was very mom and baby friendly, they had a masseuse giving massages as well as a photographer taking beautiful portrait photos of all the mothers and their little ones. It definitely was an event not to be missed and look forward to their next. There definitely needs to be more mother and baby meet ups in London as it is a great experience.

– Mrs B

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