Nov 11

As a first time mom I find I am learning on the role, yes I see motherhood as a role just probably the most important role I’ll play in life.

This morning taliyah wanted to do a little dress up and be mummy in a headscarf, her level of sassiness has skyrocketed since she pierced her ears im sure.

This week I wanted to review a product but I’ve got to give it a few more days of use before I can give my honest opinion about it. So instead I thought would be good to post a mini haul of my day to day products for baby T.

My first and all time must have product is WaterWipes

Now I can’t take credit for finding these because it was my fiance he found it when I was pregnant. He is all about organic and really healthy living lifestyle so I’m not surprised he found it. At first I was sceptical about this product because the price compare to the normal wipes is pretty high. So I decided that I would go in store and physically compare products, so I compared the water wipes to a standard newborn sensitive wipe. I was so shocked to find the amount of chemicals that were in the newborn supersensitive well known wipes (won’t name and shame). Waterwipes are literally the best wipes ever 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. The product speaks for itself, its kind on the most sensitive baby skin and they never come out dry. We have been using these since birth and I highly recommend them to all expectant mothers and any mothers who’s baby has sensitive skin. Defo ditch all the chemical stuff for these natural wipes.

Our next daily go to item is Multivitamin cod liver oil

What I love about this most is that it’s orange flavoured so it’s not bitter on bubbas taste buds. It can be used from 1 month onwards and is packed with nutrients for the growth and development of our precious babies. My health visitor recommended vitamin d drops but I find that this has more nutritional value. It has no artificial colours or flavouring and contains vitamin A (skin), C (immune defense), D (bones and teeth), Pantothenic acid (mental performance), E and B6. I must say it is a daily struggle because she doesn’t like medicines so we have a little battle, but it’s definitely worth it.

Now this everyday must have is Gripe water

It’s definitely one of my favourites and not my own find but my mothers. She said she used it for all her kids and it worked like a treat. It’s used for gripping pain babies may have after eating their milk or if they feel gassy. It’s commonly used from 1 month and it’s literally the texture of water. What I do is if I have expressed milk I pour the required amount into the bottle mix it up and give it to her. I also find it helps when she has hiccups a lot and eases her trap wind. A lot of places suggest infacol which we did try but I found it too thick and was too sweet for my liking.

My last everyday item is Taliyahs’ tummy time roller.
I purchased this from Mothercare and it has literally been a life saver for tummy time. T hated laying on her stomach when she was about a month oldunless it was on me or her daddy, but I was adamant to get her to lay on her tummy for a few minutes a day as it helps with neck muscle development.

So I searched and found this amazing tummy time roll, t instantly fell in love with it. It has a big mirror on one side with a retractable vibrating ball (pauz) on the other side it has ribbons, a teething ring and other dangly bits. It’s sensory heaven for babies as it makes the crunchy sound on one end then once she rolls on it makes a jingly sound.

Now she’s so much more happier laying on her stomach independently and has amazing control of her neck now

Hope you enjoyed my day to day products post

– Mrs B

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