Dec 12

It’s been almost 10 days since my last blog post and that doesn’t seem so long ago but in that short space of time we have hit some milestones (lets off balloons and party poppers).

Taliyah is an official Olympic roller and can go from back to front and front to back with zero assistance at her own leisure. She is such a confident roller which makes me so happy, but with that new found confidence means extra precautions for me and her daddy. Lots of pillows if she on the bed as she has the tendency to roll from one end to the other. With this new found skill she has also learnt how to get into crawling position from sitting upright as well as lunging out of you hand to reach for stuff (future javelin thrower perhaps). I must say I am enjoying her new found skills just as much as she is because it makes playtime soooo much more enjoyable for the both of us. 

She has also reached another milestone of sitting up pretty much unaided which is what I’ve been waiting for as it is one of the weaning ready signs. As she is such a busy body we still support her with cushions as well as her sitting in her interactive donut ring. She’s also loving this new skill because she feels a lot independent and is detesting laying down unless she is sleeping. She’s also learning to get up from laying down using her elbows. It’s so amazing to watch her reach these milestones and master all her  new skills. It’s also funny when she tries to do something and is struggling she actually throws a little tantrum; I strangly find her tantrums cute​.

Amongst these new found milestones we managed to squeeze in some weekend family events. A traditional Nigerian (Muslim) and Sierre Leon engagement which was a beautiful ceremony and was of a new yummy mummy. Taliyah had to dress perfectly for the occasion in her emerald green dress; staying true to the theme.

We also decided to keep in the festive spirit and attend the yearly Hyde park event; Winter Wonderland. In preparation for braving the London winter weather I decided that it was best to bring out all parts of her Bugaboo bee3 pram/pushchair. This included the seat unit, the universal footmuff and the canopy. I did a few practice runs in the house and out at the doctors surgery and Taliyah loved it. 

This is the first time T has been out in the cold for such a long period of time and we had to make sure that she was weather appropriate.I dressed her in this beautiful grey knitted romper from Bootsminiclub she was warm, cute and cosy.

All in all it was a nice night out with close friends and family, cold but well worth it. Lots of yummy food (diet was definitely out the window).

Tis the season to be jolly

– Mrs B


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