Dec 15

5 Things I didn’t learn in Antenatal Classes

Sore nips

Now I knew that initially breastfeeding may hurt to begin with and as you continue it’s painless, but I never got warned about Lil bubs and her hard gums biting and pulling my nipples just for fun and games. I assumed once she had teeth it would be a bit of a battle, but my hard gummy bear is constantly at it. With the help of Lansinoh nipple cream I get through the day.

Cradle cap

One day I woke up and my daughters beautiful thick curly head had what appeared to be dry scalp, I literally googled away then my mother told me oh it’s cradle cap. I then googled away some more and was in a minor panic, didn’t want it rid my daughter of her gorgeous locks. I managed to find a brush from John Lewis specific for cradle cap. That and the help of coconut oil and a gentle shampoo we conquered it all over a 2 weeks stretch and God willing she didn’t lose her locks.

Sweaty Betty

Now I would say I’m an extremely cold blooded person, which is ironic because I was a summer baby. Now Taliyah is the total opposite she’s a summer baby and is constantly sweating. When nursing she sweats, when sleeping she sweats. Apparently it’s very normal as bub has been inside such a warm space for a long time, so regulating body temperature is a struggle. To combat this if I am at home I try to not pack her with layers; yes even in cold London weather. I have our gro egg room thermometer on 24-7 to gage the temperature. At night time she sleeps with only a sleepsuit which I have to change at least once during the night.

I know it’s tempting to say ‘it’s only a bit of sweat, but once it cools off it will make her body cold so it has to be done.

Bathroom chronicles 

No one warned me that one day I will find myself racing to the bathroom, home alone with Taliyah and she would be coming with me. Since she’s become an Olympic roller i find that I cannot leave her on an elevated platform and feel secure so some days I find myself taking her to the loo with me. Although not practical I find it a billions time safer knowing she hasn’t rolled off the bed or leaped out the bouncer. Most days if I want to do cleaning around the house I’ll put her in her baby sling. If I want to cook I’ll put her in her pushchair and have her watch me. 

Before I had her in my head I thought she’s a baby she can’t do anything if you put her in bouncer and run to the toilet; yes that was a lie! I sometimes live her on the bed and secure the edges and hide so she can’t see me. This girl gets up to so much it’s unreal, but it’s beautiful to know she’s an explorer and confident.

There was 3 in the bed

Now Taliyah outgrew her Moses basket before she turned 3 months and not because I’ve got the biggest daughter (she infact is cute and petite), but because she learnt how to stretch and put her leg at the top of the basket and rock it without the rocker even being on. So we had to get a cot as soon as, we spent quite a bit on the cot, the mattress, different bedding god Taliyah to never have spent one night in it.

Why because she’s sandwiched between mummy and daddy. During antenatal classes they really put you off co-sleeping so my level of paranoia was on an all time high. But my fiancé reassured me it will be fine, and he was right. Taliyah is comfortable and feels safe and secure knowing she can turn to either parent at night. Also nursing at night is easy as she literally tugs my bra strap to wake me up for food (yes she’s quite advanced). I mean it must be hard to adjust from being in the same place for 10 months so close and then to have that stripped away. To keep her safe we make sure pillows are away from her hand grasp and have her head at our shoulder height. We don’t sleep with big duvets to avoid overheating and covering of face. Once we get to the second stage of the cot we will try to start with a few more daytime naps then ease into nighttime. But right now I love waking up to her curly her tickling my armpit because she has wormed her way across the bed. 

So these are the 5 things I didn’t learn in antenatal classes hope my little tips and tricks have been useful

– Mrs B

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