Dec 25

Merry Christmas and Happy half BirthdayPhotography credit: Mellzphotography

Today marks an extremely special series of events. Today is Christmas Day, the day our Lord Jesus Christ was born. Taliyahs first Christmas and Taliyahs official half-birthday. That’s right the princess turns 6 months today *lets off balloons, glitter and party poppers*.

I can’t believe today 6 months ago I gave birth (naturally with no drugs) to my beautiful princess. It has been an amazing journey into motherhood so far and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect little girl as my daughter.

It’s such an amazing feeling as a first time mother to grow a life inside you and to watch that life grow to something so beautiful and innocentThis journey of motherhood has been a beautiful one so far and has taught me so many new things about myself. I am forever greatful for this opportunity to be a mother to such an amazing bundle of joy.

Here are a few of my favourite newborn moments of my princess

She smiled from such an early stage it just made me and her daddy so happy to know that we have a happy little girl.

Her first hand at modelling and she did an amazing job for being just a month old

Her favourite place to sleep is on her daddy’s chest (currently sleeping on her dads chest as I type)

Taliyah is hitting her milestones well and delevoping such an amazing, funny, charismatic personality

Going through these pictures of her and my camera roll it’s so amazing to see how much she has grown into her own person. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better gift this Christmas even if the gift is 6 months old. I kept hearing the saying ‘you’ll never know love till you have a child’. I didn’t understand it at first but from the moment I knew I was having her she completed my life. With each day I watch her grow I feel my heart overflow with unconditional love, she’s my princess, my other bestie (ps. Her daddy is the other), my whole world.

So on this extra special day for my family to yours I wish you all a blessed and merry Christmas
– Mrs B

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