Weaning Prep

So we are 6 months now which means we are slowly going to wean onto solids. We will still be breastfeeding as tali still needs her milk intake. So as she turned 6 months on Christmas Day we wanted to mark the great occasion with her first solid me. 

I made sure I prepared well in advance to ensure that we had all the necessary tools for this amazing adventure. The first item I made sure we had was a high chair because who wants to eat in an uncomfortable chair.

I purchased her the ‘Travel booster seat sage chevron’ from Mamas & Papas.What I love about this chair is that it’s foldable, lightweight and compact. But still does the high chair job, it’s lined with cushion for full comfort and comes with a nice carry on bag.

My sister also bought her a full standing high chair for our moms house (when I go back to work she will be staying over there during the day so it’s very practical).

This high chair is the ‘Billie Faiers MBHC8ZZ Chevron Premium Highchair’ from My Babiie.

  • What’s great about this high chair is that firstly it features 3 recline positions and 6 different height settings.
  • The highchair’s has an extra padded seat means Taliyah is  super comfy for feeding time and the easy removable clean tray makes clearing up easier.


A must have for weaning prep is a food processor (if you plan on making your baby’s healthy meals from scratch. A lot of first time moms want to give their babies that good healthy start so a blender is essential.I researched a lot when it came to a food processor and didn’t only want a blender I wanted something that would steam the food as well. I read a lot of reviews then decided to get Tali this 4 in 1 food processor. This is the ‘Babycook’ by a French brand called Beaba.

When I stumbled across this beauty I was excited as is steams, blends, reheats and defrosts. So it’s perfectly practical in every way; it also has a one hand use (meaning I can hold bubs in one hand and use the machine with the other). It comes in about 4 colour options, it is light weight, comes with a steam basket and receipe book.

Once the food processor has been found the next item you need is cutlery (bowls, plates, spoons etc). I was going for a neutral with spunk colour theme for weaning, so lots of whites, greys then a pop of colour (neon green). I found an amazing site called Kidly. They provide amazing customer service as well as being a vendor for a lot of worldwide independent brands.

Placement and Plate from EZPZ

  • All-in-one placemat & sectioned bowl is made from high quality silicone & strongly suctions to the table, making it difficult for tiny hands to tip over.
  • There are also different sections for different foods so there won’t be any wailing of food touching other foods

Travel bib and flexi spoon from B.box

This is such a handy bib and spoon set because it is compact; there’s no need for zip lock bags so after bub has finished eating I just pop the spoon inside, fold the bib into the catcher and zip closed.

  • Easy to wipe clean and dry
  • BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
  • Lightweight and great texture for babies tender gums

Storage pots

Now one important necessity for weaning is storage pots. I found these cute ones from the brand BrotherMax also on the Kidly site. These were perfect for us as they followed our colour scheme.

  • They come with a dry wipe pen so you can mark the pots with dates and meal names
  • They hold a nice amount of food
  • They are lightweight and compact
  • They stack neatly ontop of each other or side by side
  • At the bottom they have a pop out feature that allows you to push and if the food is frozen it easily pops out
  • Clever, practical storage pots

Silicon baby food dispensing spoon
I stumbled across this handy go to baby bag must have on social media. A female entrepreneur was using this for her baby. So I researched it and found out the brand was Boon and the spoon was called ‘squirt’.

What I love about this product:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to fill with food and use
  • Squirts gradual amounts onto spoon
  • Easy to clean and store in baby bag
  • It holds up to 3 oz of food

Another product that I found from Boon was this baby drying rack  I wanted something practical, yet stylish as well as the item to go with my colour theme so the Boon ‘Grass’ drying rack was perfect!

  • GRASS holds all of bubs accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass
  • Perfect for drying items of all shapes and sizes
  • Easily holds items upright for drying while excess water collects in bottom tray

My last weaning prep product is the Munchkin Fresh Food feederWhats great about this is that I can put any piece of food inside it and not get paranoid that Tali will take large chunks out of it (even though she has no teeth her hard gums are strong). This item was given as a gift from my sister as she could tell Taliyah wanted to do more than just eat purée.

  • Great for any food for all ages from 6months +
  • Frozen fruit, fresh fruit, crushed ice, carrots, banana etc
  • Locks tight to prevent baby/child from opening
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Great handle for baby to hold and be independent

Now hope you found a few valuable and imformative ideas about prepping for weaning. I always say it’s best to be very prepared when it comes to a baby as anything can happen. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do baby led weaning or just implement purée, but I’ve realised a bit of both is good as it eases her into these new textures. I’m also making sure not to force anything too much as it’s meant to be an exciting experience for us both.

– Mrs B

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