Lots of locks

So one thing I’m passionate about when it comes to my princess is her hair care routine. I knew when I was pregnant that my baby girl would possibly have a good head of hair because I suffered soooo much heartburn it was unreal. But the joy to see her with a full head of her when she slid out (no she literally slid out after 3 pushes and 20 minutes of real labour).

She came out with super straight hair but I knew that was temporary as I have very tight curled hair (currently on my own natural hair journey). The second she had her first shampoo her curls did not hesitate to push through.

Firstly when Taliyah was born I was not sure what products to use on her hair as I myself was wearing a lot of protective styling all the time. A friend of my sister who has 2 baby girls with similar hair to Taliyah advised me to use Afrocenchix hair products.   These were great for ts newborn hair; the Swish for shampooing, the Smooth for moisturise and the Seal for conditioning the hair. What I loved about these products were that they were natural and nourishing goodness.

Swish: pro-vitamins b5, essential oils and aloe vera

Smooth: organic shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera

Seal: castor oil, jojoba and plant extracts

All these yummy natural ingredients are perfect for a sensitive newborn babies mane. I saw good, quick growth of her hair using these products. All 3 products smell amazing and I always got compliments about how nice her hair smelled.

As Taliyahs hair began to grow I decided to do a bit of research into her hair texture and how to really look and maintain it. From the research I found out her hair texture is what is called ‘3c/4a’


4a hair has a defined curl pattern almost like a “s” shape. Generally speaking it retains moisture fairly well, but as with most curly hair types can still be prone to dryness. Being that this hair type has a naturally defined curl pattern wash n’ go styles may be a great option as it can be easily achieved with the right product and technique

Now that I knew what hair texture she had it was time to find the right products for her. I browsed a lot of natural hair hashtags on instagram and stumbled across a brand called Mielle Organics. They are a U.S brand so I was dreading international shipping.

So I was over the moon when I found MyLuxeKids; they are a stock list that sells a lot of US hair products. What was great about this company is that they are easy to communicate with regarding enquiries, they always make sure they send out dispatch details, delivery rates and speed are great and overall they stock a lot of amazing baby/child products. They also have a sister site for mommas and a site for daddies too. A full family affair of great products.
Mielle Organics have a variety of products and they have a child range called Tiny Tots. I was instantly drawn and the reviews were amazing on the products (i myself use a few of the products from the adult range). The Tiny Tots range includes 3 products:

  • Sacha inchi cleansing shampoo
  • Sacha inchi detangling leave in conditioner
  • Sacha inchi curl enhancing cream

On Taliyahs hair I use the shampoo once a week/10 days, dry her hair throughly then spray on the detangling conditioner and pat dry her hair.As you can see she has thick curly hair so it takes ages to dry, as she is still young and it is winter I do not saturate her hair with the conditioner as it can be too cold for her.

When it comes to curly hair you have to be very specific about the hair tools you use.

  • The top white comb: I use this to part her hair when I’m plaiting, twisting or greasing her scalp never to comb her hair as it is not made for curly hair.
  • The bottom white comb: use when washing her hair, to gently massage her scalp as opposed to using fingernails, this comb also helped me treat her cradle cap.
  • The chrome hair brush: this is a tangle teezer which is amazing for detangling curly hair, it doesn’t pull the hair or cause breakages or split ends.

Once Taliyahs hair is now moistened with the conditioner I then part her hair into sections and grease her scalp using Shea butter (pictured above). This is great for keeping the scalp oiled and flake free, it’s a natural product also so it’s gentle on her scalp. Once I’ve finished greasing her scalp I start to section her hair and apply the curl butter cream to the section, brush it with the tangle teezer and twist or plait it. There is a lot of length to her hair but due to it being so curly she gets a lot of shrinkage. I endeavour on her wearing her hair out more in the summer when she is older and the weather isn’t as harsh.

Once I’ve twisted/braided all sectioned I begin to wrap each braid/twist into a small bun like shape. The reason I don’t leave the braids/twists hanging is because babies love to explore and her hair being pulled.

I love this hairstyle as it is protective and stops hair being lost at the back from laying down on back and rubbing as it is braided. What’s also great about this style is that it keeps her hair neat and tidy and I dnt have to do anything to it for a couple of days.

Hope you enjoyed my hair care tips

– Mrs B


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