Happy 7 months

So today marks the day my beautiful baby girl turns 7 monthsPhoto credit: Mellzphotography

We have hit a number of amazing milestones and I couldn’t be a more proud mama.

We are now a month into weaning into solids and at first we was struggling with spoons (she associated them with her daily vitamins). But now we have conquered that issue and she is eating with a combination of spoon fed and feeding herself (blw).

Her favourite foods:

– avocado

– sweet potato 

– banana 

– butternut squash

– peas 

– pears

– tangerines 

We are loving using the Beaba baby cook as we can steam and blend her food in 15 minutes to any consistency. So it will definitely be used for stage 2 weaning.

We have also been using smaller storage pots from JojoMamaBebe (gifted to us from one of ts godmothers). That way we can meal prep on weekends for the week. They are compact and slot nicely into the fridge compartment and even include labels and a storage tray.

Teething                                                               We are officially teething! Taliyah is taking it really well (thank goodness) which makes me super happy! Last night I felt her gums and felt the grooves of her two little teeth (I legit FaceTimed her grandma and aunties to show them). 

With teething being usually a difficult time for liddle bubs you need to be fully prepared. We are stacked up with natural teething powders and amazing selection of teething jewellery curtesy of Nibbling.

The Nibbling teething jewellery is compact, light, colourful, BPA free, phthalate free and non toxic

  • The Limited edition Bristol necklace is worn by momma and whilst holding bubs she has easy access to easing her itching gums. 
  • It’s convenient as it is worn so no panic of going out and forgetting bubs teether. 
  • There are a variety of colour options that can go with all your wardrobe.
  • It is easy to wipe clean when at home as well as out and about.
  • Includes safe breakaway clasp for easy wearing.
  • It comes in a light storage pouch to keep clean.
  • This particular piece retails at just: £18 online 

The Brixton bracelet is made with 100% food grade silicone.

  • It is safe and soft enough to chew.
  • Usually momma will wear it as an accessory but as I’m currently suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s light and easy to put on.
  • The shape of the beads vary and are great for hard gums and budding teeth.
  • Taliyah loves holding it herself and has a good gwan on it, also the colour is super girly and suits my little princess.
  • It is easy to clean as you can hand wash, dishwash or steam sterilised.
  • This particular piece retails at just: £8.95

Both these pieces are a must have teething essential and have been helping us greatly on this milestone journey.


So this milestone is what I was most looking forward to as it would make playtime so much more enjoyable for the both of us.

Sitting- Taliyah is now officially an unsupported sitter (cheers and let’s off party poppers). This has made play time sooooo much more fun as she can sit up on the floor, bed etc and physically play with her toys.

I found the colourful abc/123 foam mat from Amazon and it was a perfect fit for our playtime. It is foam so it is cushioned so she is protected if she does take a stumble or tips over. It is flat and sturdy so it makes it easy for her to sit and to crawl; which leads me onto our next milestone.

Crawling- Now we haven’t fully mastered it yet, however Taliyah is doing a great job! She has passed the scooting stage and has actually started crawling a few steps. It is such a joy to watch her crawl over to her toys when she wants to reach them and she feels so accomplished when she reaches it. We make sure we give her a lot of positive praise even if she crawls one step (I know it’s not steps but you kind of get my drift). To encourage her we put objects at short distances and pull them further away as she gets closer to reaching it.

Standing- Now this was an outright surprise for both me and my fiancé. We laid in bed one day and Taliyah pulled herself up using her dad as leverage. It was so funny because we were not expecting that. There’s that old wives tale, letting a child stand when they can’t stand makes them bow-legged (but then how are they meant to learn to stand). We got her a jumperoo for Christmas and this has enabled her to strengthen her legs a lot more which is great. As a result of her new found motor skill we have had to lower her cot (baring in mind she doesn’t sleep in it, but it’s convenient to put her in it during the day when I’m doing things).She has a love/hate relationship with being in the cot as she hates being in a smaller space than our bed or the floor. However she loves the fact that she can pull herself up independently and it’s so self satisfying for her.

I honestly cannot believe she is 7 months I mean time has flown by so quickly, I remember when she first rolled onto her side, now she’s taking steps when you hold her on the floor.

– Mrs B

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