Watching Taliyah Grow

I just realised how much my princess has grown and developed and changed sooooo much it’s unreal. She is officially 8 months old today *lets off balloons and party poppers*

I wanted to do a picture reflection of all her amazing milestones.

Before she was here

Even in her 3D scan she was beautiful 

An hour into the world

24 hours later

My first smile – 3 days old (could just be wind)

My first car ride in my car seat

Finally got into my Moses basket

My first wash day (curls pushing through)

My first snapchat selfie 

One week old

My favourite resting place (on my parents)

My second smile 

My first laugh

My naming ceremony (4 weeks old)

6 weeks old

My first photoshoot

My first party

2 months old

3 months old

My first tea party

Went to my first art gallery

Selfie with mummy

12 weeks old
Played a real piano at music class

My daddy and me are twins (my first hair twists)

4 months old

My first halloween

My first shopping trip

Casually eating my foot

5 months old

Nap time with my favourite auntie Nancy

My first Christmas jumper

I saw santa for the first time 

Winter wonderland 

I can officially sit up unaided

My first bus journey 

Matching Uggs with my momma and auntie 

Santas grotto at my auntie Nita’s workplace 

Christmas time with my lil big sisters

My Christmas photoshoot

My family 

My first Christmas

My first solid meal

I fed myself

New Year’s Day 

My first time at the aquarium 

I love big bows and I cannot lie

7 months old

I chew everything because I’m teething
I stood up in my cot

Me and my brother Morgan (from womb till now)

Eating my first packet of crisps

I went to another tea party

My first valentine

Me up to mischief 

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