Baby safety

Now after carrying a baby for 10 months when they are in this big bad world you want to ensure that they get the best and are always safe. Especially once they are mobile every little thing becomes a hazard. They are so curious and want to explore everything. 

It’s all fine and dandy putting locks on cupboards, socket covers on, edge protectors; but it defiantly won’t stop your new found walker, crawler, cruiser or roller from going under things. Putting fingers under doors, pulling themselves up to things.

I decided to invest in a pop up play pen for Taliyah specifically for my moms house as there is alottt of space and alottttt of hazards, plus the floors are wooden so sometimes when Taliyah is trying to cruise she slips and slides.

Summer Infant Pop up Play Pen

  • Ultra-lightweight and compact the fold up playpen can be set up and taken down in seconds.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use (defo something we will consider taking on holiday). 
  • The floor is water resistant and helps keep baby dry even on damp grass. 
  • I love the fact it has air mesh sides which enable visibility and good breathablity. 
  • Comes complete with a travel bag with shoulder strap which makes it so convenient for on the go travelling. 
  • It is made from folding metal which ensures that it is stable and sturdy, Taliyah enjoys using the frame to pulling herself up and cruising round.
  • I love the fact that it is spacious so she can still crawl about, or have a cheeky nap during the day.

The boring bits:


RRP £49.99-69.99


Summer Infant



Precious little one 

The Summer Infant Pop up play pen is definitely something I would recommend as it gives your child a chance to have independent play, as well as being safe. 

I find that is better than the usual pop up cots, or travel cots that some people use as those do not touch the floor so bubs doesn’t get full mobility use. It has definitely changed our play time for the better and these days I don’t have to always carry bubs to pee with me.

-Mrs B

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