Busy bee 

Been mia a while with lots of traditional wedding prep, filming for The Sun social media and becoming an official product tester for the amazing company Kidly.

Amongst all of that Taliyah is hitting major milestones which just makes my heart melt inside at how fast she’s growing.

10 month milestones:

  • Say da-da confidently at daddy
  • Say na-na at grandma
  • Clap my hands together
  • Walk confidently with my walker
  • Climb down from my parents bed
  • Climb down from the sofa, and climb up onto the sofa
  • Walk with mummy holding my hand
  • Coasting across any table, sofa, chair ledge
  • Suck juice from a straw
  • I love playing at the ball pits at soft play


Mummy’s milestones:

  • The Sun Social media Project:

Myself and an amazing mummy blogger Katrina got the opportunity to film mini webisodes for The Sun newspaper social media. It involved us talking about various different topics as mothers, varying from our new mum life, travelling, me time, other mothers who inspire us etc. It has been an amazing experience as I got to be on set behind cameras and watch footage get edited which is something different from my everyday life as a mother. It was also amazing as I was able to give my raw, uncut opinions as well as advice as being a mother in modern day society.

So far three of the episodes are out and can be viewed on the links below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

  • The Parent Test 

I am an official parent tester and reviewer for an amazing company called Kidly. Kidly is an awesome online shopping experience for your 0-4s. They help you discover unique, useful, extraordinary things by bringing them together in one place. They stock a variety of different brands. 

Each product they sell on their site is tested out by a real mom/day and child. This is where my role steps in, I get to give honest reviews on various products before they are put out to purchase to the other wonderful moms and dads.

What I love most about this company is that they have so many unique products and they have an online live help system. This is perfect for first parents who don’t really know what they are looking for.

Kidly is an amazing company and I am super excited to be apart of The Parent Test programme, were I am able to give honest and real opinions about products before they go out on the market.

– Mrs B

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