The Big Breastfeeding Cafe

If you’ve followed my motherhood journey for the last 10 months you’ll know I’m very much a breastfeeding advocate. So I was definitely first in line on the invite list for my first experience of The Big Breastfeeding Cafe.cupcakes: @what_sarah_bakes

The Big Breastfeeding Cafe was created by Medela UK alongside Bumppr as what I would call more an inniative as opposed to an event. At the cafe Mums join together to chat all things breastfeeding, share experiences and support each other over a cuppa and some tasty treats (the bubbas favourite part). The boobie cupcakes by @what_sarah_bakes went down a treat with our bubbas, no nipple confusion as they washed down these tasty cupcakes with non other than their liquid gold! 

This year was my first time in attendance and I was excited that Boo.bsmoothie was hosting it in Stratford. I have previously used the amazing powder lactation smoothie products when tt was having a major growth spurt and I needed a little boost. The smoothies were easy to make and even more easy to consume.

#TheBigBreastfeedingCafe took place in Gerrys Kitchen in Stratford which was a lovely location. There were lots of sofas, cushions and space which is always ideal when it comes to mummy and baby events.

What I loved most about the event was that it was created by knowledgeable professionals and it is always lovely to have that support from the bigger corporations. The fact that Medela and Bumppr are just as passionate about breastfeeding really helps to push awareness about public breastfeeding. The event was a nice lovely get together with nursing Mums with babies aged from newborn right up to 3 years old supporting one another. We were able to discuss, share stories and just seeing another mother nursing publicly and not being made to feel embarrassed or ashamed was beautiful.

What pushed the boat out even more about the event was that it was covered by Channel 5 News, which was amazing as breastfeeding publicly is always a topic that is shyed away or seen as taboo. Which is very disappointing because let’s be real a lot of us have been breastfed as babies so it’s disheartening that mothers are made to feel anything other than empowered when nursing their little ones. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the Channel 5 news crew. Here I spoke about the fact that I’ve become very confident in publicly breastfeeding and the fact that even on the journey to the event I was breastfeeding my princess on the bus (I did get a few stares but when hunger is calling a girl has got to eat).


I am very happy that I was able to speak about my public breastfeeding experience on a platform that is viewed by the nation. It was an amazing experience meeting other like minded mums and hopefully events like this really help open the nations  perceptions about mothers publicly breastfeeding their little ones.

UK breastfeeding statistics:

  • A study last year found that the UK have the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world with only 1 in 200 mothers breastfeeding after their child’s 1st birthday (I’m definitely going to be that 1 this year lol)
  • A PHE survey found that women were not only embarrassed about publicly breastfeeding but 59% (partners family) and 49% (wider family members such as siblings)
  • A survey of 500 women by PHE found that mothers breastfeeding fears were 74% (it would be painful) and 71% (it would prevent them taking medication 

Breastfeeding facts:

  • Public health England recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, because it boosts the babies ability to fight illness and infection
  • The World Health Organisation recommends that breastfeeding should form part of a baby’s diet up to two years
  • Breastfeeding reduces the likelihood of babies getting diarrhoea and respiratory infections
  • Breastfeeding lowers a mothers risk of ovarian cancer and burns up to 500 calories a day

With all those amazing facts I for one couldn’t imagine not being able to breastfeed my princess, and in the words of Boo.bSmoothie owner #keepmilkingmama

– Mrs B

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