Public breastfeeding series

Happy 11 months to my beautiful, smart, charismatic baby girl. 

With that being said I get asked at least two times a day ‘when are you going to stop breastfeeding’. Last week we got interviewed by channel 5 regarding public breastfeeding in honour of The Big Breastfeeding Cafe. So this week I decided that everywhere I go I would make the conscious effort to unapologetically publicly breastfeed (light work because Taliyah loves a boob on the go) and photograph the moment. 

Our first public breastfeeding session this week took us to the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square. After a long afternoon of Taliyah getting so much knowledge from all the beautiful pieces of art she was pooped. So we found a  seating spot outside one of the galleries and nursed to nap time. It was very fuss free and no one stopped and stared, which makes sense as there was so much provocative art. Surely feeding your child liquid gold cannot make you feel uneasy in that environment. 
Our second public breastfeeding session took place on the London Underground! Now this was a bit more difficult as we couldn’t just slip off to a corner, it’s literally you face me I face you vibe! Luckily for anyone else’s uncomfort my fiancé was sat opposite me. This time round Taliyah was thirsty and a bit peckish on a tedious journey from south London to north. So who could blame her for wanting a little pick me up. It wasn’t as easy nursing on the train as it was moving and space was limited and as you can see Taliyah loves a gymnastics whilst eating.

Our third public breastfeeding session took us to the park. Now when Taliyah was first born and we finally went out we went to the park and we nursed but it was a totally different experience for us. Then we had a nursing blanket covering us, we were sat away from everyone and really tried to be discreet. This time round we had no cover (I mean who hides themselves whilst they eat?). We didn’t go to a tiny corner away from everyone and we didn’t try to be discreet. This is because breastfeeding your child is the most natural thing you can do. 

As corny as it may sound it feels like such an accomplishment to be able to nurture a child with the liquid gold my body produces. 

The fact that it has so many nutrients that help with the growth and development of my daughter is just amazing to me. The fact that it is a natural comfort and stress reliever for bubs makes me so happy. 

A lot of mothers feel that they have to wean their babies off breastmilk once they hit the 6 month mark, but that isn’t the case. Breastfeeding after 6 months still has a lot of benefits; liquid gold carries antibodies and still has immunologic factors. This can be even more important from 6 months and beyond when bubs are exposed to much more illness and infection as they get out and about more. What I do love most is the wonderful bond that breastfeeding creates between me and my baby. 

My tips for nursing mums:

  • Don’t feel pressured to stop breastfeeding your child at anytime, your baby and your body
  • Do not question if baby is getting enough; eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and baby having enough wet and soil nappies will let you know
  • Do not let others question you “is he/she full” nobody knows your baby better than you (i mean they lived in you for over 9 months)
  • Do not feel that you have to top up baby with formula to “get full”, your body produces enough milk to meet your babies needs
  • If you are away from baby for more than 3 hours (Mums with babies 6 months and under) try and pump/hand express to make sure your supply is still maintained 
  • Do not feel rushed to wean baby off breastmilk
  • When breastfeeding in public do what you feel comfortable doing with or without a cover (chances are your bubs wants to stare lovingly into your eyes and will yank the cover off)

Here are some pictures of my amazing exclusively breastfed 11 month old baby:

– Mrs B

2 thoughts on “Public breastfeeding series

  1. Mercy (IMMEIKO) says:

    Awww my baby’s twin!
    Well said and well done mama! Honestly I haven’t had any negative experience breastfeeding in public (except for the one time I was nursing my son around 18 months and some old lady told me it’s time to wean him…😒). I catch myself hoping someone would just try it so they can see my red eye…HAHA!

    Love the photos. Beautiful memories to cherish forever. xx


    • Mrs B says:

      Awwwh I’m so excited for them to meet properly they will think they are looking in the mirror… honestly it’s sooo disappointing when people especially females comment negatively about such a healthy and natural thing! Yes now i look out to see if people will actually comment just to blast lmaoo

      Thank you mama! Gotta treasure these moments; they grow up so fast xx


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