Happy 1st Birthday Taliyah 

June 25th 2016, 04:50am my baby Taliyah Jane Lailani decided that it was time to make a guest appearance 13 days late that is.

Taliyah at One

My favourite food: chips + vegiballs

My favourite fruit: strawberries

My favourite toy: anything that’s a tube especially my mummy’s lip glosses

My favourite tv show: adventure time (in the mornings), pj masks (they taught me how to climb), doc mcstuffins (because I love how she fixes things)

My favourite song: my daddy is a producer and makes the best beats so I get exclusive songs 

My first word: ‘da-da’ but I’ve upgraded to na-na’, ‘mama’, ‘bye bye da-da’, ‘hi’ and most times I speak a totally foreign language

My first steps: I walked on my mummy’s birthday, fingers crossed she takes me to gymnastics because I love rolling and climbing

My favourite outside toy: I love the swings, and love trying to climb up the slide

My favourite game: peekaboo behind the curtains 

To celebrate her first birthday Taliyah did an amazing cakesmash session with photographer @Mellzphotography which was amazing as she created the perfect boho theme for TT. The yummy cake was provided by @dinahsdesserts.

A year ago today you came into my life and completed me. You showed me how easy it is to love unconditionally and to be completely selfless. You brought out the best in me and showed me how to be a real woman. So happy that I’ve been given the honour to be your mother you intelligent, cheeky, beautiful little lady. Honestly so proud to have you as my daughter queen.

– Mrs B

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