Pumping on the job

I didn’t think I would be one of those mums that would be so attached to their child that maternity leave turns into stay at home mode. For some that is a true reality however I did want to get back to working eventually, extra income to spend on baby girl yayyyy.

With that being said it’s been officially two weeks of working (didn’t go back to my old job because they suck! But God got me a ten times better one). I wanted to base the blog post on breastfeeding mums that still want to breastfeed but are going back to work. So I create a little list of tips to that are helping me and should help you.

Before work:

  • Establish a good pumping routine so you know when you go to work you can pump in a short amount of time.
  • Create a back up stock of pumped milk (I only had about two 4oz as Taliyah is older, plus prior to me going back to work she only drank boob juice from my boob)
  • Organise childcare with people who support your need to want to continue breastfeeding (between my mum and my husband who has two days off work they split it)
  • Plan the best routes to and from work that are quickest as you want to spend as long as you can breastfeeding before work and get home quick enough to breastfeed
  • Where possible use a manual pump as they are more compact to carry about and still do the job (this is an electric one but it also uses batteries)

During work

  • First thing is kindly request a room where you can pump privately (speak to your HR department as they would be best versed on this)
  • Work out how often you would need to pump to keep supply up (I only pump once at work; right at the start of my lunch break as I can leave up to 4/5 hours without nursing till my boob balloons if it’s not been emptied prior)
  • Drink lots of water! This will help keep your supply up and helps replenish your body 
  • Make sure there is adequate storage space for the pumped milk (my work place have a number of well kept fridges that I store pumped milk). If there isn’t a fridge look into getting a long term cooler bag
  • Phone home to check that your amazing baby has drank your boob juice (as Taliyah is older she drinks it out of a cup at around lunch time after her morning nap) we wouldn’t want her to think boob juice has vanished 

After work 

    • Don’t forget to take your stored milk home with you! As it isn’t your fridge you don’t want to leave it over night etc
    • Take that quick pre-planned route home as you’ve missed your little one 
    • Watch all the videos and pictures you’ve been sent of him/her for the 100th time (I noticed that Taliyah learnt a lot of new things in my first week without me so need them documented)
    • Once you get home smoother with lots of hugs and kisses and once that’s out the way nurse till dinner time!

    What I found was that she nursed a lot more closer to bed time more frequently as a comfort which I am totally happy with. My supply is still well established as I am not leaving it longer than 4 hours to pump. Taliyah coped so well this first week and has a nice routine which is key for keeping a breastfed babies security once boob is away from them awhile.

    Hope this post helps and encourages any breastfeeding mummy’s going back to work, school or simply just going to be away from you little one for a while.

    – Mrs B

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