The Naked Truth about Having a Baby

So last month I had the pleasure of attending my first ever book launch. Amazing to say the least and sum up every aspect about it.

Author, mother of 3 and wife Jernine R wrote an amazing book called ‘The Naked Truth about Having a baby’. The title alone spoke to me as it really hit home as a first time mother. Usually truths relating to motherhood are rarely spoke about or seen as a taboo, however on this occasion all those taboos came to light in her well penned account of her experiences of motherhood. 

The book is split into different sections which allow the reader to follow the journey of the different stages of motherhood. During the book launch the author split it into different stages leading with conception, pregnancy, labour and lastly birth. Each mother shared their honest, open and truthful account of a particular stage. All these stages are the process leading up to motherhood and each mothers experience during these stages shape their motherhood journey.


At the book launch a woman (Kimberly Kane) spoke about her process of going through ivf treatment to conceive a child, she spoke about the ups and downs of the process and the physical and emotional effect it has. In the book conception isn’t spoke about exclusively. As it appears to be a more personal account and the author talks about not knowing she was pregnant which is very common in a lot of pregnancies.


At the book launch a mother (Gemma Samuel’s) of 2 soon to be 3 spoke about her experience of her pregnancy journey, giving birth to her still born baby then a few months later falling pregnant then being blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She spoke about both pregnancies and how the experiences changed her. In the book Jernine gives an open and raw account of her pregnancy. She opens up about the negative feelings she felt and having to come to terms with her bodily changes. During pregnancy a lot of mothers have negative feelings and go through a tornado of emotions finding it difficult to express this. So it was a breath of fresh air to read her honest account and be able to identify with her emotional rollercoaster.


In the book the chapter on labour opens with a description of the word labour which is a perfect explanation of the experience. I loved the fact that the author highlights all labour experiences as being different even if it’s by the same person. At the book launch a mother (Shirina Carstens) speaks about how much of an easy and smooth labour she had but the after effects were nothing short of a nightmare. However she managed to over come all those post labour complications and they have had a positive impact on her future and making her the woman and mother she is today.


The book does not exclusively talk about birth but talks about the lead up to birth and the preparation that’s needed. I love how it gives practical and informed advice about how to prepare for the arrival of your baby. It then goes on to discuss about the post birth necessities.

  • Bringing the baby home
  • Sleep
  • Breastfeeding 

But to name a few of the aspects the author gives detailed, raw and authentic accounts about. She opens the reader up into her world of motherhood and strips back all the layers that are usually covered with modesty. She not only gives her personal account but she also gives advice which is reader will take away with them.

She reigns 

The book launch was like no other event I have ever been to. A beautiful spoken word by a soon too be first time father (Rommell Wallace) about the power of the women. Amazing vocals in the form of singer song writer (Kenza Blanka). Lots of sweet treats which are always a win for my sweet tooth and super yummy personalised cupcakes by @mummabaker__. The night was hosted by amazing founder @mummy.matters and the interviews were panelled by Pastor @jnrspence.

It was an amazing night and I was honoured to be able to attend such a well put together event. Not to mention my new addiction to the authors writing. Usually I’m the queen of summarising however on this occasion there isn’t enough positive adjectives to describe how well versed the book is. It is definitely a must read for all parents to be as well as experienced mothers and fathers (yes dads and dads to be you will gain a whole new insight. The book launch was an event not to be missed and if you did miss it you are in luck as the author will be doing a book signing November 30th. Tickets can be purchased here. If you like me love a good read and want to find out more checkout the site: 

– Mrs B

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