One year on

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

What’s all the excitement about? Well a bit overdue but last month we officially hit our 1 year mark of blogging and what better way but to celebrate with a little site revamp. 

We officially have a logo which I made myself , yes I’m back with my creative spark.

To mark the momentous occasion we did a fall shoot with the ever so talented JKG Photography. Here’s a little milestone update of our main lady and what we’ve been working on.

Words I can say

  • Mummy (I’ve graduated from mama to the full on thing now)
  • Eyes (and I have to point at them when I say it)
  • Grandma and grandpa
  • Tee-ta (my own take on my auntie Nitas’ name)
  • Good girl (how ironic)
  • Save the day (from my fav show pj masks)

What I can do

  • Point out my nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, hair
  • Point out Jake, Finn and Be-mo (my adventure time toy figures)
  • Climb up the stairs confidently 
  • Action along with head shoulders knees and toes and wind the bobbin up 
  • I can do a forward roll (clearly I love baby gymnastics)
  • I know how to plié (learned this in my first ballet lesson)
  • Bite super hard because I now have 8 teeth (which still hurt when they are coming through)

What we’ve been working on

  • We are currently product testing a new prototype breast pump that’s super top secret but it’s going amazingly well, nothing beats liquid gold straight from the boob
  • We have been working with Asda’s little angels and Dr Hilary Jones on an amazing mini series that is launching soon, thanks to Myriad PR
  • Getting super excited for the festive period 

Aside all of that we are excited that all our readers have continued to follow us on this journey and we have a lot more in store; we are going to commit to more frequent posts, and lots and lots of pictures. 

– Mrs B

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