Curls, Coils and Kinks

I constantly get a lot of questions asking about Taliyahs hair care routine and what I use, how I manage it, how she lets me braid it and so forth. I have done a few posts previously about her hair but as she grows so does her hair and more work is needed for her hair

Taliyah’s hair in its natural state no product or water etc is a mixture of 3c and 4a texture (see table below to refer to hair types)In order to work out your child’s hair routine you first need to establish your child’s hair type and then you will find out what works best for them. Every hair type needs different handling and care, but as an all rounder retaining moisture is definitely the key.

Daily hair routine

  • Moisturise scalp- now the beginning to good healthy head of hair is starting from the root (scalp). It’s all fine and dandy having curls for days but it the scalp ain’t moisturised healthy hair won’t grow. For Taliyahs scalp I use a combination of raw Shea butter (straight from Ghana), argon oil and coconut oil. I try to keep the products that touch her scalp directly as natural as possible.
  • Moisturise hair- now with curly, coily and kinky hair it’s essential that hair doesn’t get dry as it can get brittle and spilt and break. I used a leave in conditioner from the cantu kids range and put all over her hair, if there are tangles I then apply the detangling spray. Never brush dry hair always moisturise hair and never brush from the root. Always start from the tip and gradually work your way up the shaft of the hair. I also find that with this hair texture tangle teezer brushes are your best friends. Avoid using a comb to go through the hair.
  • Enhance curls,coils,kinks- now everyone loves a finished look so what I used to create even more defined curls is the cantu curling cream, and the bbnatural curling custard. I have to warn people if the curls, coils and kinks aren’t already there it’s not going to create what’s not there it merely enhances and defines.
  • Slick rick- now no hair style is complete without a slick look, whenever I wear Taliyahs hair in bunches, buns, poodle puffs I use the styling custard as it holds all the stray frays and if I want to go the extra mile I use a bit of Shea butter then a tiny amount of styling custard to curl her baby hairs. The reason I used Shea butter before is to protect her baby hairs as those are fine.
  • Wash-day- now with the weather being colder I don’t wash Taliyahs hair as often as I did in the summer which was every fortnight, now wash day is every 3 weeks which works well for her hair type.

Here are a few protective hairstyles I have done for Taliyah which are easy to do, require less maintenance and avoid having to tie up everyday.

If I do Taliyahs hair whilst she’s awake I put her in her high chair put the tray on and put a few toys or pens and paper to distract her. Doing her hair whilst asleep is however my favourite as she’s easier to manoeuvre.

Now not everyone knows how’s to braid so well so here are a few hairstyles that need little to no skill and effort, and quick and easy to achieve.

These are fun to style with bobbles, bows, ribbons the works. However I wouldn’t recommend them every day as tying hair up can create tension on your child’s scalp and we want to preserve them edges.

If your child has shorter hair and you still want to style it into cute hairstyles instead of pulling it into bunches why not try mini Bantu knots. Section the hair an twist then wrap into little Bantu knots. This is a great protective style and also looks super cute with bows if you are going out.

If all does fail and styling hair is a bit of a task just wear hair out in a curly, coily or kinky fro, perfect for every occasion!

– Mrs B

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