No mooing around

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that consciously give their young another mammals milk as opposed to their own?My pet peeve is being asked how long will you be breastfeeding for? when will Taliyah stop drinking boob milk? when will she start drinking real milk? If by real milk you mean cows milk then the answer is NEVER!!

As a family we do not drink cows milk for a number of reasons but I don’t want to bash people that do choose to drink it, this post is more about the benefits of alternatives to cows milk for your growing child.

List of alternative milks that are safe for your child to drink after 12 months:

  • Soy
  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Oat
  • Hemp

Why did you decide to give your daughter oat milk?

Firstly oat milk is a vegan alternative to dairy milk and is also very nutritious. It is made from presoaked oat groats. I first got introduced to oat milk by hubby when we first started dating as he doesn’t drink cows milk and is totally against it, so I knew that once we decided to plan a family together our child(ren) would definitely not drink cows milk.

The main reason we choose oat milk as her next form of milk was because the taste, texture and consistency resembled boobie juice. Oat milk is much lighter than other alternative milks, it has a sweet taste so doesn’t have the bitterness of other alternative milks and like boobie juice when stood still it separates and splits; shows how natural it is.

Will my baby/toddler get enough calcium from drinking oat milk?

Hell yeah, I spoke to my health visitor about giving Taliyah oat milk and they didn’t know about the health benefits of it (typical) and just pushed whole cows milk, however here are just a few benefits of oat milk:

  • Contains 10 minerals and 15 vitamins
  • 10% of RDA of vitamin a
  • 36% of RDA of calcium (in just 1 cup, more than 28% found in whole cows milk)
  • 10% of RDA of iron (perfect for anyone with low energy/anaemia when looking for vegan options to increase iron intake)
  • Lactose free (perfect for anyone who is lactose intolerant)
  • Cholesterol free (as it is made from grains compared to cows milk which contains 24mg of cholesterol

So many brands of oat milk why Oatly?

The thing I love about Oatly as a brand is that they stick to making one product and perfect it. A lot of companies sell oat milk then sell soy milk then sell almond milk. I love the consistency of the brand and they make other oat milk based products:

  • Chocolate flavour oat milk
  • Oat based creme fraiche
  • Oat based single cream

Orange mango flavour oat milkI also love the fact that the oats they use in Oatly milk is from Sweden were it is illegal to use pesticides on oats (during farming etc) whereas is the rest of Europe they still use pesticides.

Once I had weaned Taliyah onto having her oat milk during the day when I was at work or when I was out etc I incorporated a few other oat products into her diet as they are great source of fibre and iron for growing kids. These are my two favourites oat cakes for snacking and a super smooth oat porridgeIt is really important to give your babies and toddlers the best start to life, and a lot of toddlers still drink milk till they are age 3 so choosing a follow up milk is very important. As Taliyah is super picky I am so happy that we managed to find a milk that she is happy to drink when liquid gold is not available.

You can purchase Oatly milk from most supermarkets and price varies from about £1.10-£2

– Mrs B


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