Working out those OooopsMoments

So keeping in line with my last post about self mother and looking after ourselves as mothers one thing that I find is rarely spoken about is Pelvic Floor Fitness.

What is your pelvic floor? The muscles that surround your bladder, lady garden and back passage.

Who suffers from pelvic floor weakness? 62% of women in the uk suffer from light bladder weakness

What are a few of the causes of light bladder weakness?

  • 32% of light bladder weakness is caused by laughing
  • 36% caused by coughing
  • 44% caused by sneezing
  • 24% caused by exercising

So why is pelvic floor fitness important for new mums and expectant mums? Carrying and having a baby weakens your pelvic floor muscles which can lead to light bladder weakness.

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend an amazing event hosted by MyriadPR. The event was in aid of the launch of the Lights by Tena app MyPFF (my pelvic floor fitness). I know who knew there was an app for pelvic floor fitness and why does it exist.

About the app: MyPFF (my pelvic floor fitness) is a free app available on phones and tablets (apple and android users). With this app you can confidently put on your new trainers and expertly squeeze your way to a stronger, toned pelvic floor anywhere you like.The new and improved app sends you useful reminders to squeeze throughout the day and also tracks your progress. With helpful tutorials featuring advice from their resident pelvic floor expert, 3 difficulty levels, it’s just like having your own personal trainer, which will get your pelvic floor strengthened in no time!

Protect yourself whilst training: Now whilst you are training your pelvic floor it’s obvious that you may encounter a few oooops moments, so with the help of the Lights By TENA range you will be fully covered and protected. Lights by TENA offers a range of discreet, comfortable and ultra-thin products that are specifically designed to deal with light bladder weakness. The liners keep you 5 times drier than regular liners with the help of their unique FeelFresh technology.

About the day: The amazing launch event took place in the beautiful Haymarket hotel, it was a breathtaking piece of art and we were welcomed very nicely

The day began with us mixing and mingling with the other yummy Mummy bloggers over juice, tea and biscuits. Definitely a little energy booster for the day ahead.

We then prepped for the main part of the day which was putting the amazing products to test. One of the biggest ways to put your pelvic floor muscles to test is by bouncing. So it was to my amazement and excitement that we would be doing that whilst exercising!

Boogie Bounce is a fun full body workout which incorporates the use of mini trampolines and exercises. It is a teacher lead class and this was my first time trying the class. Myself an my fellow Mummy blogger Katrina (owner of MummyDiaries2016) were geared up; trying out the app before hand, then popping on a Lights by TENA liner we were ready to go.We completed a 30 minute fun filled session of full body workout which I totally loved and I am definitely looking for one in my local area. We were then able to go and freshen up in one of the hotel rooms which were absolutely gorgeous (ps. Anyone looking for a valentines getaway this hotel should be considered).

Once all freshened up we were met with a tasty much needed lunch buffet. Definitely worth it after that full body work out.All in all it was an amazing launch event, and I am so happy with all the useful knowledge I got about the importance of pelvic floor fitness that I’ve been able to share with you. Lights by TENA products can be bought in all major supermarket, and are definitely a handbag must have for all those oooopsmoments.

Truth be told I am currently squeezing and holding as I type.

– Mrs B

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