We hit the 20s

I didn’t ever think I would be one of those mums that counted past 12 months but here I am saying omg my daughter is 20 months old. Basically meaning she’s 4 months till turning 2 (jumps into hole).

These last 20 months have been nothing short of an amazing journey and adventure. We haven’t blogged in a while as we’ve been busy launching our new business venture: House of Lailani (truly inspired by my little queen).

We also haven’t done an update for ages but we’ve learnt so many new things and continue to learn things daily.

Things I love to do

I love tiny gymnastics as I get to run around and be free as well as learning about climbing and keeping my balance on the apparatus.

I also love baby ballet! I completed 3 terms and will be going back in the spring time. I learnt how to point my toes (good toes) and I also learnt how to jump (although I prefer doing it on the bed)

Things I love to eat

So I’ve been exploring different textures with my budding new teeth cutting and I’m not the biggest foodie, but if I do like something I love it.

I love how mummy cuts my lunch time sandwich’s into different shapes which makes it a lot more fun to eat. I always knock it down with an innocent fruit and veg smoothie so I am getting my 5 a day.

But when it’s all said and done I still love my breastmilk and that’s evident with me screaming out ‘boobie’ when my mum walks in the door after work. I drink oatly oat milk to substitute during the day it’s so yummy and has a lot of calcium so I’m super strong.

Things I can say

  • Bubbles (my favourite character from the powderpuff girls)
  • Yes and no (makes communication a lot better)
  • Shoes (because I love them so much like my Mummy and Daddy)
  • More and Move
  • Owww (when I’m being a bit of a drama queen)
  • I can also sing row-row-row your boat (hoping my singing voice is better than my mums)
  • Myles (sometimes I’m being cheeky and hear my mum call my dad by his first name and have to shout it out too)

Things I love to play with

I’m obsessed with my mummy’s make up and always have to look in the mirror when she’s done my hair or given me some lipgloss

My grandma is a chef and I think I’ve lowkey inherited her amazing cooking skills because I am always in my kitchen whipping it up

Happy 20 months Queen Taliyah Jane Lailani

-Mrs B

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