Wash day through the lens

We love a review of hair products as it’s a prominent part of us. These last few months we have been using the Aunt Jackie’s Fabulous Curls & Coils range. I was delighted that they had a range for little girls as well as adults. Meaning the products are milder and more safe on young hair and scalp; Aunt Jackie’s Girls

These are the products in the girls range that we were using. From right to left, leave in detangler, nourishing scalp oil and curling and twisting custard.

Once hair is washed it is essential to dry with something soft and gentle and not just any towel. We use the CuddledryCuddletwist Bamboo hair towel. The Cuddletwist is comfy, soft and stays in place perfectly.  It is made with silky soft natural bamboo fibre, so they are 60% more absorbent than cotton towels, so they really dry hair quickly and effectively. What we love most about this is that a normal towel would move about but with the little elastic loop at the top it stays in place and dries Taliyahs’ hair super quick.

Once hair is nice and dry the first thing we do is moisture the scalp. This is essential as hair grows from the root so it is important that it is kept moisturised in order to ensure healthy growth. What I love about the E-blast is that it is in a spray bottle so it is easy to apply and can be put on if hair is braided etc.

  • Helps to alleviate flaking and chronically dry, irritated scalp.
  • Excellent maintenance therapy for braids and twists.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids found in Flaxseed deliver effective nourishment to strands, encouraging healthier hair growth.
  • No mineral oil, Paraben free, no petroleum and sulfate free

Once the scalp is all moisturised nicely it’s next to detangle with the Knot Havin it Detangler leave in conditioner. This is essential for curls/coils and kinky hair as it is super easy for hair strands to get knotty causing pain as well as breakage. What I love about this leave in conditioner is that it isn’t a liquid (like a lot of conditioners so usually it’s dripping onto your shoulders and with little ones you don’t want them to get cold and wet)

  • Instantly loosens knots and tangles for easier manageability and combing.
  • Humectants help replenish hair with long-lasting moisture.
  • Made with natural oils that help strengthen and improve elasticity.
  • It also keeps her curls moisturised for longer period of time; contains zero mineral oils, sulfate free, paraben free and no petroleum

Once hair has been detangled next is to make those curls pop using the Baby Girl Curls curling & twisting custard. This is the perfect finish to any little girls mane. If you are wearing your hair out or in bunches or braiding/twisting it helps to create a finished and polished look. With the curling custard I noticed a little bit goes a long way. Keeping her curls popping and defined for days.

  • Anti-frizz formula helps curls, waves & twists stay well-defined & springy.
  • Elongates curls creating long-lasting definition.
  • Helps leave hair feeling super soft to the touch with no sticky, crunchy feel!
  • No mineral oil, Paraben free, no petroleum and sulfate free

I have been loving using the Aunt Jackies Girls range on Taliyahs’ hair and have noticed a lot of great changes to her hair. Her curls remain softer for longer, her scalp doesn’t get dry and her curls do not get tangled. I loved the brand so much that I started to use the adult range on my own hair and I am loving the effects it’s having. So definitely make sure you check it out if you want to have you or your little ones curls/coils/Kinks pop!

– Mrs B

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