Wriggle Wrestle

One of my favourite past times with my daughter would be the wriggle wrestle we go through every nappy change. I thought it was cute when she started rolling, then thought awwwwh she’s getting more mobile when she started crawling. Now she full on runs away and I find myself chasing a tiny little human around.

As we are pending potty training mode I was so delighted to get onboard the Pampers #activenappypants project, and finally win the #wrigglewrestle!

Here are the essentials needed to win the #wrigglewrestle

  • Pampers active fit nappy pants
  • Water wipes
  • Sudocrem
  • Changing mat

Now I’ve been using pampers since birth and I love how comfortable they fit as well as them having a range of sizes from premie to full toddler range. Now as Taliyah is walking more so running nappy changes are definitely a challenge, trying to keep a toddler still then attach the tape, then she takes the tape off; one word NIGHTMARE.

I was so happy to start using the pampers active nappy pants as it has really reduced the wrestle during nappy changes. The stretchy elastic sides allow for great comfort and easy pull on (which really helps test her motor skills and prepares her for potty training)What I love about them the most is not having to double check that they have been tapped on securely; and they are really easy to take off.

Here you can see Taliyah trying to demonstrate the difficulties of taking off a tapped nappy off a wriggling baby

With a toddler now up and down more, eating and drinking more, sleeping for longer stretches you want to make sure that the absorbency of your little ones nappy is amazing and Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants is second to none!

  • 3 absorbing channels that help distribute the wetness evenly throughout the nappy
  • Absorbent micro pearls that absorb and lock away wetness for up to 12 hours of dryness
  • Breathable materials that allow moisture to be released to help keep wetness away from your baby’s skin

Now it wouldn’t be fair if I got given all these amazing nappy pants and couldn’t share with other mummy’s who wanted to win the wriggle wrestle. So as part of the project I have a few sample packs and coupons out to my amazing mum friends!

Let’s all win the wriggle wrestle together

It was unanimous that all my mum friends loved the Pampers active fit nappy pants just as much as I did; and will continue to use them with their little ones.

Pampers Active Fit Nappy can be purchased in all super markets, my go to is Asda as they do really good baby events and have discounts on multipacks. So make sure you try them out and win the #WriggleWrestle

– Mrs B

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