Curlee Kids

Another hair review! Yessir people always ask how I keep Taliyahs edges laid and her curls poppin

Over at Smiles n Drool we love to give honest reviews on products before we promote them and say how amazing they are. So after a month of using the products/service here it is.What is Curlee Kids

Discover your hair through Curlee Box

Curlee Kids is an easy, affordable and convenient way to try new products out each month. As I’m sure you mommas are all familiar with having to trail and test hair products for your little one.

It’s a monthly subscription service; every month you will be delighted with a box of discovery. Each box is specially, expertly hand selected for Curly & Kinky hair. I mean what more could you ask for!

What’s inside the box

Curlee Kids Box – In the box you receive 3 to 4 hair products every month perfect for your lil ones! Full sized products not dinky samples.

This is a great mini box to take care of your young ones tresses!

You will get a selection of the following:

• Shampoos for clarifying & moisture

• Rinse out & Detangling conditioners

• Deep Conditioners

• Styling Creams

• Styling Lotions

• Accessories

• And MORE!

This month (May box) we got the amazing brand Aunt Jackies Girls which couldn’t be more perfect as we have been using that brand for the last 3 months and loving it. As I hadn’t tried the shampoo before or conditioner I was even more excited to get it in the box.

Aunt Jackie’s GIRLS has amazing maintenance and styling therapies, especially formulated to care for youthful hair in training. Say good-bye to dry, frizzy, tangled, hard-to-manage hair, and welcome smooth, hydrated, easier-to-comb, stylish tresses. Everything about this brand works so well for Taliyahs 4a hair type. Aunt Jackies Girls therapies are made with natural oils, butters and moisturizers to wonderfully hydrate, condition, detangle, and soften your daughters hair. These amazing products make combing and styling easy breezy! And honestly check out that growth.

When do we get our box

They ship each box the 15th – 20th of the month so if your like me you’ll be stalking your post up until you get delivery.

How did you find this amazing service

When I was on maternity leave and leaving the house was such hard work I found this UK based company called My Luxe Kids. They are literally an online hair shop, which is perfect when you can’t pop down the road. So they partnered with Curlee Box to give an exclusive discount for Curlee Kids box and here we are. Also if you love the particular items you got in that box that month you can repurchase them from My Luxe Kids.

How much will it set me back

Curlee Kids is £17 and is a recurring subscription, however you can cancel at anytime which is great if you want to just try out the service. We get a lot of questions about what I use on Taliyahs hair and I’m always super honest about the products and the steps we use. I would definitely recommend this service if you want to try something new out on your child’s hair and not sure what to use. Also all my curl, coil and kinky haired mommas they have an adult box (which is their main box) too.

– Mrs B

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