Discover the Courage in You

My favourite part about motherhood is helping Taliyah grow and shaping her into the little queen that she is. One of the ways that I do that is reading to her. So I was extremely happy when we were gifted this book ‘Discover the Courage in You’ by MyBookHeros.

About MyBookHeros

My Book Hero’s books are designed to deliver messages about important life skills because they believe that education should not just be the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. The brand currently have 3 stories

  • Discover the leader in you
  • Discover the courage in you
  • Discover the determination in you

All their stories are fascinating adventures with your child as the main hero. Their idea is that heroes don’t have to wear capes and use supernatural powers; heroes are everywhere.

Each books aim is to empower children as early as possible to be the best version of themselves. This ethos is amazing to me and I love how uplifting this brand is.


Now what is so amazing about this book is that with all it has to offer it has the aspect of personalisation. Each book has a choice of 4 male characters and 4 female characters. Each one has been created so that children all over the world can identify with a character that looks similar to them which is amazing.

As well as personalising the character of your choice your child’s name is in the book also. They now become that character and go along that journey in each story.

The illustrations in the book are bright and bold, and each page is more engaging than the last. So much attention to detail was put into every page and honestly Taliyah enjoys having this story read to her. She points at the mini her and says ‘Mummy it’s me’.

When it comes to children’s books it’s important that imagery is created with them at the forefront. My Books Hero’s use real life like illustrations which is great as it is what is familiar to our little ones. The buildings look like real life buildings, the roads look like real roads that they would cross everyday.

Life skills

Now I’ve seen a lot of books for children but what I love most about My Book Hero’s is that is teaches your little one life skills. It’s not just an alphabet book, or a number book or a story about something going missing. The aim of these books are broken down into three main areas:

Boosts self esteem

  • Their books guides children to trust their own abilities and this is important as self trust is an essential pillar to a joyful life
  • Educational stories
    • My book hero’s have strong messages to guide your little reader to begin building healthy emotional reactions
  • Learn powerful skills
    • Their books have important life skills such as; leadership, courage and determination that are critical to success and happiness
  • I want one

    This book can be purchased directly on the site: BUY ME and I have been lucky enough to give all my followers a cheeky 10% discount SMILESNDROOL10. This book definitely is a bookshelf must have and makes up for perfect birthday and Christmas gifts and I love the added touch of adding a personalised dedication.

    Why not join me and introduces your child to the powerful concept of not giving up

    – Mrs B

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