MAM Easy Start Anti-colic bottle

I got the opportunity to work with Mumsnet testing out the MAM Easy Start Anti-colic bottle. As a busy mum of two; one toddler and a 4 month old baby things can get pretty hectic, especially breastfeeding as it is round the clock feeding on demand! I often get tired, drained and touched out. Having the opportunity to take a break is always necessary and recommended. So this time round breastfeeding I decided that we would combi feed! Combi feeding? What is it? Well combi feeding is mixing breastfeeding with bottle feeding, be it formula or pumping. It has allowed me to be able to leave my baby with my husband more easily and will prepare us for my return to work. With my trustee breastpump I have been able to pump milk and bottle feed Star. We partnered with MAM and Mumsnet to try the Easy Start Anti-colic bottle and it has been nothing short of a dream. Star was definitely a breast man but he took to the Easy Start Anti-colic so well! The skin soft flat teat made it so easy for him to suck and it wasn’t too big or too small for his mouth. The shape of the teat enables a familiar feeling of breastfeeding; enabling an easy switch between bottle and breast. I’ve always been a bit worried if he bottle feeds he won’t know how to breastfeed; however, he’s been doing both so well and the transition has been smooth. Another thing that I love about the bottle is the anti-colic system. The Easy Start bottle has a valve in the base of the bottle that prevents the formation of air bubbles and stops the liquid foaming, creating a smooth drinking flow which prevents Star from swallowing air. So I know bottles come with the chore of washing, cleaning and sterilising. But guess what – the MAM Easy Start Anti-colic bottle is self sterilising. You simply take it apart, pop 20ml of water in it, assemble it following their self sterilising instructions, 3 mins in the microwave and you are good to go. As mum’s we already juggle so many things and always want to give our little ones the best start to life, but I always say you also want to make the journey as easy and happy as possible for yourself. Combi feeding has given me the opportunity to have a much more enjoyable breastfeeding experience! Still giving Star all the nutrients of breastmilk, but not feeling so touched out. I would definitely recommend combi feeding for all mums who would like to breastfeed for longer as it is such a great option. But whatever you chose, a fed baby is a happy baby. Interested in combi feeding? Shop the MAM Easy Start Anti-colic bottle here #AD

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