Farming around with first mates

Hiya readers, I have been mia for just over a month as a lot of you may know I was super busy with Taliyahs baptism, 1st birthday planning (will do a blog about all of that) and my traditional wedding. Now the dust has settled and we are back to our scheduled programming I am … Continue reading Farming around with first mates

Happy 1st Birthday Taliyah 

June 25th 2016, 04:50am my baby Taliyah Jane Lailani decided that it was time to make a guest appearance 13 days late that is. Taliyah at One My favourite food: chips + vegiballs My favourite fruit: strawberries My favourite toy: anything that's a tube especially my mummy's lip glosses My favourite tv show: adventure time … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday Taliyah 

Busy bee 

Been mia a while with lots of traditional wedding prep, filming for The Sun social media and becoming an official product tester for the amazing company Kidly. Amongst all of that Taliyah is hitting major milestones which just makes my heart melt inside at how fast she's growing. 10 month milestones: Say da-da confidently at … Continue reading Busy bee