Dec 15

5 Things I didn't learn in Antenatal Classes Sore nips Now I knew that initially breastfeeding may hurt to begin with and as you continue it's painless, but I never got warned about Lil bubs and her hard gums biting and pulling my nipples just for fun and games. I assumed once she had teeth … Continue reading Dec 15

Nov 26

So we have had a busy weekend last weekend which we spent at the first Baby to Toddler show in Excel London. During my pregnancy we attended the Mother & Baby show which was amazing for so many items I needed in preparation for baby T. I managed to secure free complimentary tickets to the … Continue reading Nov 26

Oct 19

So I've just finished my night feed and now I can't get back to sleep. Although my eyes are activly stinging me I can't help but turn to my beautiful daughter sleeping.  Yes, currently co-sleeping as she outgrew her Moses basket before 2 months (baring in mind she's still petite) and her cot clearly feels … Continue reading Oct 19