Baby safety

Now after carrying a baby for 10 months when they are in this big bad world you want to ensure that they get the best and are always safe. Especially once they are mobile every little thing becomes a hazard. They are so curious and want to explore everything.  It's all fine and dandy putting … Continue reading Baby safety

Dear Mummy 

So I've not posted a blog in a while, been super busy being a mother, wife to be (wedding prep on the go), sister and a friend. With Mother's Day looming around I got in the more reflective mood with this post. Last Mother's Day I was celebrating it as a mom to be and … Continue reading Dear Mummy 

Dec 25

Merry Christmas and Happy half BirthdayPhotography credit: Mellzphotography Today marks an extremely special series of events. Today is Christmas Day, the day our Lord Jesus Christ was born. Taliyahs first Christmas and Taliyahs official half-birthday. That's right the princess turns 6 months today *lets off balloons, glitter and party poppers*. I can't believe today 6 … Continue reading Dec 25