Our favourite pastime is art and everything about it. So it was to my delight when I found out there was a gallery not far from our house.

We visited Newport street gallery today where there was a Jeff Koons exhibition currently on show.

This was our first proper family day out and we were all looking forward to it, aside the real British autumn weather being among us. Meaning rain and more rain.

Before Baby T was even in the works me and hubby enjoyed going to galleries and museums; so we thought it would definitely be somefing we would share with T.

This exhibition was very appealing for a growing baby as it was colourful, bright and bold. 

Baby t enjoyed it and it was really visually stimulating for her. The gallery has wide entrances and a large lift so it was easy to get up and down between floors. 

Only problem is they had a small restaurant ‘Pharmacy 2’. Some would say how is this a negative well being a breastfeeding mother it’s not long before bubs needs a feed. And when bubba needs a feed momma needs a nice spot to feed her. One this occasion this wasn’t possible in the restaurant (baring in mind we planned on eating there as well) however the restaurant was conveniently fully booked. As a breastfeeding momma you become very resourceful when bubs needs a feed. Me and hubby found a little quiet spot behind the stairs and with the help of our swaddle me muslin square covered up and nursed.

All in all it was a great experience and I would highly recommend galleries to mothers with tiny tots. As its quiet enough to not startle bubs, but visually stimulating to keep them from getting bored. 

– Mrs B

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