MAM Easy Start Anti-colic bottle

I got the opportunity to work with Mumsnet testing out the MAM Easy Start Anti-colic bottle. As a busy mum of two; one toddler and a 4 month old baby things can get pretty hectic, especially breastfeeding as it is round the clock feeding on demand! I often get tired, drained and touched out. Having … Continue reading MAM Easy Start Anti-colic bottle

Affordable fashion to style your bump

Now one thing that stressed me out last pregnancy was working out how to style my bump. With this new found glow, long luscious locks and now this bump added to your ever changing body. What to wear becomes a chore, and if you are like me maternity clothes always look frumpy, so unfashionable and … Continue reading Affordable fashion to style your bump

Curlee Kids

Another hair review! Yessir people always ask how I keep Taliyahs edges laid and her curls poppin Over at Smiles n Drool we love to give honest reviews on products before we promote them and say how amazing they are. So after a month of using the products/service here it is.What is Curlee Kids 'Discover … Continue reading Curlee Kids

We hit the 20s

I didn't ever think I would be one of those mums that counted past 12 months but here I am saying omg my daughter is 20 months old. Basically meaning she's 4 months till turning 2 (jumps into hole). These last 20 months have been nothing short of an amazing journey and adventure. We haven't … Continue reading We hit the 20s

Self Mother

So majority of my posts surround my journey of motherhood focusing on the very aspect of mothering. However I noticed that I never focused on the actual person that is the mother. Define mother A woman in relation to her child or children Bring up (a child) with care and affection (Especially as a title … Continue reading Self Mother

One year on

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! What’s all the excitement about? Well a bit overdue but last month we officially hit our 1 year mark of blogging and what better way but to celebrate with a little site revamp.  We officially have a logo which I made myself , yes I’m back with my creative … Continue reading One year on