Nov 12

Mommy and Mini

What’s even more great about having a daughter for me is that I get to dress her up in mini outfits. I’m all for matching but a lot of girls clothing is pink, pink and more pink. I do love me some pink but what I love even more is neutrals and that’s perfect for this A/W season. 

This cute little number is a mixed purchase from two of my favourite stores for babies clothes. The dress, gilet and tights comes as a set and is from Next. I loved it instantly as the colours were so far from pink and so close to neutrals with the burnt orange floral print. The gilet is my favourite part of the outfit as it’s faux fur and I love faux fur plus it’s always a nice winter warmer. To compliment the outfit I found these beautiful rose gold Minnie Mouse bow moccasins from HM. Now this store is actually my favourite when it comes to my little girls wardrobe, their pricing is amazing and they always have nice sets. I chose rose gold as it adds a bit of glam to the whole outfit.

Now I’m laying in bed supposed to be taking a nap before I go out. Hubby has baby t in the living room having some daddy and daughter time as he’s been busy working all week. I started to think about the cute little outfits I used to wear post mom. At first I found it difficult dressing as a breastfeeding mom as I needed to ensure Taliyah had quick access to her liquid gold. I invested in ugly nursing tops (let’s be honest the layering does nothing for ones womanly curves and looks like a tent). I mean I was accustom to wearing two pieces, fitted midi dresses, cute crop tops, high neck tops. Basically everything that wouldn’t be practical as a mom; well that’s a lie.

Also I hate going into stores and looking for clothes, being a mom on maternity leave online shopping is your new work colleague. What I love about online shopping is the next day options, I love an item today it arrives tomorrow. Now BC baby t I shopped online on Missguided, Prettylittlethings and Asos (I ain’t started trusting these instagram online boutiques just yet). 

So I was a little bit worried that my usual size 6/8 outfits wouldn’t look so good on my now size 10 body (just for info I was very small chested before bubs and with these milk jugs nothing size 6 goes over my boobs, also my hips were always wide but they are even wider now – not that hubby is complaining). Obviously it’s not practical to wear high neck tops at the moment as it’s very restrictive for Taliyah when she wants to just free the liquid gold. I find myself wearing v neck and low cut tops which I would never dare wear before as I had small boobs but now the girls are just there.

So this outfit matches my daughters nicely but subtly. The burnt rose long sleeve ribbed midi dress from Missguided is gorgeous. I love the neckline and the fact that it has buttons all the way down to the bottom so I can just easily unbutton the top and nurse easily. The net black choker is from ASOS and was dirt cheap, I cannot really wear necklaces anymore as T pulls on them; but chokers are perfect as they are high on the neck and are a cute dainty accessory.

The shoes are very sportslux as they can be worn with jeans/jeans or with a dress/skirtNow these are perfect for every mom on the go, they are comfy, warm (London weather appropriate) and give some height as they are a creepy flatform. Now these minimalist beauties were purchased from Asia and even better they were in the sale. I used to love wearing heeled ankle boots, but I recently injured my ankle and have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists so I need all the balance I can get when holding my precious jewel.

Little disclaimer I ain’t a fashion blogger or trying to be but I do love shopping and putting cute outfits together for me and my little one. So I’ll probably post a few more blogs regarding our mommy and me outfit matches.

-Mrs B

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